Every single day, you take small steps in order to protect yourself from daily irritants, stress and dangers. You do not think twice about spraying bug repellent, applying sunscreen or wearing seatbelts when heading outside your home. However, what about insects that are not easily prevented? Avoiding these bed bugs should start with knowing the signs to locate them and taking precautionary measures to inhibit spread.

Denton Pest Control

It is not simple to know how to keep the bed bugs away. As a matter of fact, they have made a resurgence in the present years. Before knowing what repels bed bugs, it is very essential to know that persistent parasites are fast to follow blood meals as well as multiply and breed at breakneck speeds. However, there are some other methods to reduce the chances of becoming their next target host aside from hiring a professional Denton pest control service provider.

Spot the Bloodsuckers

Prior to heading out in finding what keeps these bed bugs away, you should be able to identify their exact identity and not be confused with the other insects. Usually, bed bugs are oval-shaped, flat, small and reddish-brown, and basically have the size similar to an apple seed. In addition to that, adults are approximately ΒΌ of an inch in length and have antennae and 6 limbs. On the other hand, nymphs or commonly known as baby bed bugs are basically small, no larger than a pinhead, and can easily be missed if you do not know what you are searching for. Eggs are white, oval-shaped, glued to surfaces and small. Typically, they look just similar to grains of sugar.

Pay Close Attention While You are on the Road

When traveling, a rule of thumb is to carefully check your home rental or hotel room, staying full alert on your bedroom. Bed bugs are often found near or on the mattress therefore, pull the mattress pads and even the covers back, to have some closer look. Do not ever forget to check the cracks along any tags and seams. If necessary, you should not keep your bags and luggage on the floor and especially on the bed, and make use of the valet racks instead while checking up the room. If you can, keep purses, backpacks and briefcases on your lap.

When you return from a trip or travel, give every luggage a once-over prior to stepping through the door. Then, use a flashlight to inspect along zippers and inside the pockets if possible. What draws bed bugs away is not giving them the chance to make them comfortable as well as making the environment as forbidding as possible if they have already penetrated onto your belongings.

As you unpack your things, put all your belongings straightly into the wash in order to be cleaned, then dried them on the highest possible setting as allowed by the manufacturer directions. Bed bugs usually will not be comfortable on the clothes you are wearing, but will take at the chance to attach and get close to you as their host.