Some people are not bothered nor afraid by mice or rodents, and under some circumstances, some even find them cute and lovely. However, you might not feel the same if one of these mice suddenly scurries across your way inside your residential property. As a matter of fact, rodents can contaminate food preparation surfaces as well as your food, and cause potential health problems. If you are living in a multi-unit housing, the first thing you think of will be to figure out how to eliminate these rodents in your apartment. Secondly, you may be thinking whether or not the infestation of rodents in your apartment is the responsibility of the landlord or yours.

Pest Control Lewisville

The point is that no one must have to live with these mice. Rodents in your apartment can be a headache for property owners since they need to get rid of these unwanted rodents, reduce the use of hazardous chemical control measures and not putting the tenants in an inconvenient situation. However, the faster property owners address a rodent infestation in your apartment, the less likely they will have to face potentially larger problems later, including exterior and interior damage, potential health concerns and poor property appearance.

In addition to that, after alerting your caretaker to a potential rodent problem, you will likely start to look for details about how to help eliminate rodents. When in your apartment, what to do usually begins with you not doing the don’ts.

The Potential Hazard of Pesticides and Other Harmful Chemicals

Pesticides are usually the first step people consider when planning to get rid of pests, including mice. When not used properly, they can be very toxic or harmful to pets and humans. Anybody handling these chemicals needs to be knowledgeable and skillful enough on how to use it including where and when to administer, as well as the steps for targeted and safe application. In order to eliminate rodents in your apartment, your best option would be to hire a professional and experienced exterminator such as Pest control Lewisville.

Furthermore, be advised of rules and regulations in your local place in the event the owner of the property tries to personally apply the chemicals including aerosol sprays and over-the-counter foggers, in an effort to get rid of rodents in your apartment. Some places need apartment-complex employees and landlords to alert their customers in written form as to what type of pests they will be eliminating, and the product brand name they will about to use.

Use of a Rodent Trap

One of the most reliable methods to catching a mouse or rodent in your apartment is the use of the old-fashioned mouse trap. A traditional wood snap trap may actually be all you need. In order to bait the mouse, you may use delicious and attractive food such as oatmeal, dried fruit, chocolate, bacon, peanut butter or bread. Once all set, tie the trigger of the trap to the bait in order to keep the rodents in your apartment from escaping with the goodies.