With the many kinds of massage therapy present today, deep tissue and Swedish massage are the two most popular.  

Deep tissue massage is in-demand because of its laudable and exemplary effects. This type of massage is impeccable if you feel pains in your muscle. It is also a perfect choice for distressing. Deep tissue massage involves high pressure to reach deep-seated layers of the muscle. It breaks muscle adhesions that are the fundamental reasons for pain and inflammation. Usually, the massage therapist will not start with a direct hard pressure but with a lighter one. It will warm your muscle first before going deeper. Furthermore, this type of massage is not only beneficial to physical aspects but also in mental.  

On the other hand, Swedish massage therapy focuses on the relaxation of your muscles. If you experience sciatica and arthritis, Swedish massage therapy is a great choice for you. It is best in managing the pain and helps in the reduction of muscle tension. It will also improve body circulation and movement. If you have injuries, this type of massage will help in rehabilitating the muscles. Aside from that, your stress will disappear if you have this massage therapy and increase the flexibility of the body.  

Most of the companies in the massage therapy industry include Swedish and deep massage therapy to the services they offer. One of the integral reasons behind it is that many people are after this kind of massage. The massage Visaliais one of the companies that provide outstanding performance on this type of massage. With their welcoming staff and crews, many clients are encouraged to come back and have the best massage in town. 

Deep and Swedish massage differs from each other in many aspects namely, 

  1. The Techniques. Swedish massage provides long strokes that are not hard to calm and relax the body. However, deep massage is the other way around. It gives forceful strokes that penetrate deep into the muscles and tissues that are connective. This type of massage is advisable for people who are suffering from arthritis and fascia. 
  2. The Pressure. As we have mentioned above, Swedish massage involves lighter force compared to a deep massage. If you want to get a massage for relaxation purposes, the best choice is Swedish since a deep massage might be too hard and painful for you.  
  3. The usage. Swedish and deep massage differs greatly in terms of their usage. Swedish is for people who wish to relax and get rid of light tension of the muscles. The deep massage, on the other hand, is for people who want to recover from strains. It needs hard pressure that will result in discomfort and pain.  

Before setting an appointment for a massage therapist, ensure that you already have an idea about the type of massage that suits your needs. But, you can also ask for advice from them on what`s best for you. To ensure that you are working with a skilled and trained massage therapist, hiring our team is the best. We ensure that our missions are aligned with your expectations.